All our community services are free and we do not accept any kind of donations from any other institutions. Being a service company, We consider it our obligation to serve the society equally. We share equal responsibility among all the spectrum of our sevices. And assure that all of them meet world class standards. Please contact us , if you want to avail our services in your vicinity.


Unskilled Employee Training:

Mannerism and etiquette training to unskilled and semi skilled Industrial workers. If your industry has more than 50 unskilled or semi skilled employees, we provide 8 hours training to them which will help them to bring in clarity about what is expected from them in form of behavior and mannerism. Our objective is to bring them on equal terms with respect to personal status in the organization.

Confidence instigation program:

Providing awareness and vision to dirth poor people to manage their long term future. With a 30 year plan to change the living of their upcoming generation and match the equality in society. Our observation suggest that the class differentiation has brought in ignorance among the disadvantaged. They are unaware of what to be done to elevate themselves from this vicious circle. We want to spread awareness among the lowest economic class of the society so they can plan the future of their upcoming generations.

AMPs – Advanced managements Principles:

Sponsors to Intelligence sharing platform “AMPs – Advanced managements Principles” AMPs is a meetup group , which conducts lectures and sessions on management. It is a open intelligence platform where sharing of knowledge is done by exchange of perspectives among community.

Looking forward to work together.